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Harnessing the Wind

Dear Addie,

As we get within a few hours of Colorado, Massive Wind Turbines are everywhere ! All along the distant horizon, these colossal giants tower into the painted sky.

Your Mother and I are talking about how much you would enjoy seeing them in such a beautiful place.

We stopped along the side of Interstate 70 when we saw an Old School Windmill (just like the one at the beginning of The Wizard of Oz), still pumping and drawing water up from a well for a Cattle, nestled at the feet of the newer, ginormous energy producing, modern Wind Turbines.

Addie, Do You Know?

In 2016, Kansas citizens got 30% of all their electricity needs from the wind. It is the third largest wind power generating state in the Country with 2,741 wind turbines.

All the turbines, when combined together, create more than 500 Megawatts (MW) of electric power. Depending on where you get the facts, 1 MW of energy will provide all the daily power needs for 650 homes.

So, imagine that 1 MW of power can run a total of 650 houses just like your Mom's house, and that Kansas is generating enough wind power to electrify 500 times that many!

Well, its a pretty big deal.

Kansas is leading the way in its commitment to sustainable power generation. Green Energy (Wind, solar, hydro and tidal wave) is the path to a healthier and sustainable future for all of us.

As we took pictures and admired the irony of the old and new man made wind machines, the beautiful green hills and tremendous - far reaching – big blue sky, You called your Mother.

Did you know we were thinking about you?

Well, we were. And the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

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