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The Keystone to Well-Being

Every day, as individuals, we absorb and exchange an endless flow of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energy. The nature of this energy provides satisfaction or suffering based on the type of energy both received and given.

Any negative energy that disrupts one or all of our emotional, physical, mental or spiritual energies can lead to suffering within the whole of our being. However, the one need that we all must have, and the keystone of all the energy we possess, is love.

When we receive and give love, all of our energy needs are met. Likewise, the energy needs of those around us are fulfilled as well. When love is not received or given, everything within our complex energy machine breaks down. We feel unfulfilled. We find an uneasy dissatisfaction slowly consuming us.

One of the biggest causes of our individual frustrations, disappointments and tribulations can be attributed to the absence of love. As energy beings, electricity flowing within flesh and bone, our greatest gift is found in our ability to give and receive Love…the love of others and the love of oneself.

Without genuine love, we cease to exist as a species and we fail to truly enjoy this brief and magical life that we have been blessed with, to have and share.

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