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The Twin Pillars: Communication and Trust

One of the most important interactions to take place between two people, or a group of people, is Communication. Whether it's business, friendship, marriage, or any type of relationship, the ability to openly and freely communicate is the key to a healthy and long-term connection between all individuals involved.

Often times, being open and direct with others can be misunderstood and thus, the beautiful nature of the moment is completely misplaced and lost. In fact, the message(s) given can be ridiculed, become suspect, taken for granted or even discarded completely.

In such cases, personal perspective and/or the absence of Trust are to blame.

"Trust is a Gift", given freely to others out of universal respect and love. Communication is a tool we all use to convey our feelings, needs, wants, desires and so much more. Yet it is Trust that accepts Communication as “light” or “darkness”.

Thus, Communication and Trust are like Siamese twins, joined at the head, heart and hip. These two are inseparable and forever conjoined in a symbiotic dance. In Star Wars – Dark Rendezvous, Yoda says “When you look at the dark side, careful you must be ... for the dark side looks back.”

When we were children we did not judge or follow preconceived notions of others. Instead, we trusted and loved others unconditionally. Over time, we learned to safeguard and withdraw our trust based on observing and more importantly, experiencing the environment and people around us and by discovering our own pain and suffering. Yet Trust is paramount to a healthy and happy life.

For many, the scars and wounds of the past interfere with fully connecting to or accepting as truth, those that come into or are a part of our lives. As a result, some cautiously choose their words. Some safeguard themselves from further disappointment and pain, choosing to wear masks and project an imaginary persona. Trust yourself and be yourself.

Embrace the Twin Pillars. Dare to Trust. Have faith; and believe in others. Reflect to a moment long ago, when as a child, you freely gave the gifts of Trust and Love. Put it in context to an experience where there was happiness, not pain. To build the Twin Pillars, we must choose to speak from the heart, ever respectful of the mind, and take the path that we took as children, while having faith and belief in our steps along the way. We take these steps knowing and believing that the path will continue to lead us further into the “Light”.



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